Justice for Waluigi

D B7 G A Bb7 A7

D        A         G                                  A                     D A G A
Everyone is here, well they most certainly are not
          D                    A              G                  A              D A G A
I can think of one guy in particular Nintendo forgot
G                                           A                                      D        Bm        Em        G
How can you call a game ultimate when there’s such a glaring flaw in it

D   B7  G     A
Justice for Waluigi
D B7 Bb7 A7

Everyone is here
Well what do you call the last 18 years
One hell of a tennis career
I won’t stop making a racket till Waluigi’s in the bracket
I should have seen the writing on the wahhhhh
It said nah, nah, nah, nah, nah


D                             A                                       G
How many more fire emblem characters do we need?
D                                A                                G
No one asked for a mii fighter but you gave us three
D                                  A
Nobody cares about young link or toon link
G                                               A
Sooner or later you have to face the music


You stick my man at the back of the class
Turn him into a trophy just to kick his ass
You add insult to injury, add salt to our gash
But you still won’t add Waluigi to Smash
The last glimmer of hope I had has been smacked off the map with a home-run bat
My most grandiose dream is now pushing up Daisy’s


D A                 G          A                  D          A     G         A
It won’t be a speed run, it won’t be an easy climb
              D                A               G                          A               Bb7      A7
But the Smash roster is our Everest and it’s Waluigi’s time